Trade Ethereum tokens using Metamask or your own hardware wallet

A trustless exchange for your crypto-assets. No accounts. No deposits. No Middlemen.

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Be the first to try our Alpha and know when we officially launch 👇.

An instant ERC20 tokens exchange with a hybrid technology as fast as centralized exchanges

Enter the amount of desired tokens and let the magic happen. We are doing the rest for you.

Transact assets in almost no time in a hybrid-decentralized fashion with our efficient off-chain approach for our matching engine.

It preserves the strenghts of the most security-critical components through the 0x decentralized settlement.

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Truly Trustworthy - no middlemen

Weswap lists popular token pairs which you can trade directly from your digital wallet via the 0x Protocol.

No additional registration is required - you can start trading right away. Also, this means your funds and information don’t suffer custodial risk. Never entrust your assets to a centralized exchange again.

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Guaranteed liquidity

We envisage our exchange to provide superior liquidity and user experience in the token economy.

Our model allows for fast transactions via the 0x shared liquidity network, so you will not experience those annoying race conditions that result in failed order fills. This also eliminates front-running, and reduces overall trading fees.

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Trading fees

Other cryptocurrency trading services charge you with withdrawal fees and commissions. Because settlement is done peer-to-peer, directly on the blockchain, you never have to pay fees for withdraws.

We have no fees during our beta version. For our main release, we plan to have a reasonable fee only assessed when the transaction is validated on the Ethereum network.

The Most User-Friendly trading experience

No order book. Just the essential to exchange seemlessly your Ethers & ERC20 tokens.

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